Printing 3 Part Labels in Caspr


The 3 part labels are available as a report in Library World. The report prints 1 spine label and 2 jacket labels. To access this report, select the records from the catalog module that you would like to print labels for by clicking on the select box next to the catalog record. Then click on the print button. A list of catalog reports will appear. At the bottom of the list is the labels report. Please select this report by highlighting the word Labels, and then select the printer as the destination of the report. Then click the ok button. The report will print the familiar 3 part label for all copies of each record you have selected. NOTE: If you select a record without any copies, the report will not print. Make sure that any record you would like a label printed for has at least one copy record.

If you have a record with many copies, and you would only like to print a label for a single copy instead of for all copies, then you can do this in Library World version 2.0. Just enter the copy record of the copy you want to print a label for, and you will see a picture of a printer in the upper right corner of the copy info tab. Click on this printer picture, and it will ask you if you want to print spine labels or barcode labels for this copy. Select spine labels.

Printing individual copy labels was not supported in that version 1.0.4.. Version 2.0 was shipped to all libraries current on their maintenance agreements in July of 2000.

To adjust the Top Offset setting. Go into Options-Catalog and select the Cards & Labels tab. You should see the Top and Left Offsets. You can use these settings to shift the printing up/down or left/right. Enter in a number into this box in units of inches. If the printing looks to be an inch too low, enter in -1.0. If printing looks to be an inch too high, enter in 1.0. You can also enter in amounts in decimals (-1.1, -0.95, 0.5, etc). You will probably have to play with the amount to get the printing to fit within the label stock.


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