Basic Library World Functions

Following these instructions should allow you to complete some basic circulation functions such as:

Check In material

Click on Circulation (it's at the left of the screen).

Click on Check In (it's at the right of the screen).

Scan the barcode on the book or other material.

Check the screen

If there is a fine due you can click on forgive


Check Out material

Click on Circulate (on left)

Click on Check Out (on right)

Scan the name of the Patron from the card Rolodex OR type in part of their name ( a unique part, if possible)

Check the screen to see if any Overdues are shown. Clear screen if necessary

Scan the book barcode.

Check the screen for error messages

Scan another book if desired


If the material's barcode is not in the computer

Create temporary bar code? Answer Yes

Type in the title of the book

Click create


Add a Patron

The easy non-computer method

Have the new patron fill out the Library Card Information sheet

If any material is to be checked out, write down the barcode number(s) on the same sheet.


The somewhat easy add-to-the-computer method

Have the new patron fill out the Library Card Information sheet.

Get a blank Rolodex card from the end of the Rolodex.

Get a sticky barcode from under the desk.

Patron bar codes start with a 2. Material bar codes start with a 3

Make sure the barcode you stick on the blank Rolodex card starts with a 2

Write the person's name on the Rolodex card and file the card on the Rolodex.

Click on Patron (on left).

Click on Add (on right)

Erase anything that might be in the Patron No.field

Scan the barcode on the new Rolodex card

On the computer enter the first and last name, address, telephone number, etc..

Other fields have the following meaning:

Grade = year of graduation e.g. 2004

Code = homeroom e.g. E501

for type use the down arrow to the right to pick student, community member, etc. MVRHS staff is a teacher or staff member at the High School, for other (non-High School) teachers use MV Teachers.


Catalog Find

Click on Catalog

Click on Find

This gets you to Expert searching

Pick Title, Author or click on the down arrow for more options

Enter a search term.

Click Find

Click Show

You can Sort by ... choosing Title, Author etc

You can also print the list if you choose


Caspr supports truncation searching with the ? key. Searches are EXACT i.e. searching on mark will not find marker or marking. If you search on mark? you will find all of the above terms.


There is a Go Back button in the lower right corner which will help you, what else, go back to the previous screen.


MVRHS 01/14/2000