Here is a basic checklist for sending in your term grades to Rediker.. Please be sure to check these out

1. Be sure you see Subtotal with a term of 1 on your Gradesheet - The grade on the right of that column is the one that will be sent in to Rediker as the term grade.. If you do not see Subtotal 1 on your screen then go to the View menu, Select Subtotals and check Terms... Do not change anything else on that screen...

2. The grades in the right hand side of Subtotal 1 are the ones that go into Rediker for the Term grade. If you double click that grade, you can overwrite it - That is useful for someone who may deserve an extra point or two, someone who has received an Incomplete for the term (double click the grade and put in an I (capital i)), or those receiving No Credit - (put an NC in the column) - If you want to go back to the calculated grade, just double click the subtotal field, hit delete and then return/enter - The calculated grade will reappear..

3. If you are using categories, check to make sure that your category weighting is set correctly. Also, under Grading and Grading Preferences, make sure that you have the ** set to the desired setting (zero or exempt)

4. When you are ready to send in your grades, you have to go to each of the gradesheets, and go under File - Send and select Export Grades to Administrator's Plus. If you use the Export - Custom and any of the choices IT WILL NOT EXPORT YOUR GRADES.

Please let us know if you have any questions...Remember you can access your Gradequick and Edline at home - To prepare your home computer, go to your Edline account - Login in and download the Gradequick Web Plugin under the Command Center - Once installed, you can now work from home - You can even send in your grades from Home!!!!

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MVRHS 11/10/2008