Using the AVerKey TV Converter


Put the TV into Video mode. If you have a remote control, press the TV/Video button. If you don't have a remote , press the Menu button on the TV. Continue pressing the Menu button until you get to a line with the two choices TV and Video. Press one of the Channel buttons to change the highlight from TV to Video. Press one of the Volume buttons to clear the screen.

The Overscan button will toggle between Fit-in-screen, Underscan and Overscan. Press this button to size the image on the TV screen. When the Overscan light is on the fullest image is being shown. On this setting the image borders will be cut off

The Zoom button allows you to enlarge a portion of the screen. When the Zoom light is on, the position buttons allow you to move around within the image.

Positioning buttons (4) allow you to move the image around the screen, when the Zoom light is off. (Zoom light off , move whole image; Zoom light on, move within the image.)

The Sharpness button toggles between three levels of sharpness.