Basic TV and VCR Operations

Troubleshooting Check List

Leave the TV on channel 4                  Change channels using the VCR

Turn on the VCR first

Use the Power button on your VCR, OR

Use the Power button on your Remote (make sure the TV/Cable/VCR switch is set to "VCR", OR

Insert a tape into the VCR (Some machine automatically turn on when a tape is inserted.)


Turn on the TV

Use the Power button on your TV, OR

Use the Power button on your Remote (make sure the TV/Cable/VCR switch is set to "TV"

You may need to hold down the TV button as you press Power


Change the TV channel to 04

Use the CH +/- buttons on the TV or the Remote.

Remember you must set the "TV / Cable / VCR" switch on your remote to "TV" in order to change the TV channel.)


If you want to watch a TV channel

Change the channel using the VCR channel buttons, not the TV buttons.

See the channel chart on the Library web page for a list of available channels.

If you want to watch a VCR

Insert the videotape. Playback may start automatically. If not press Play.


What If You Can't See the Tape Playing?

On the TV, press the Menu button repeatedly until you get to the line that says "TUNER MODE"

Use the Channel + button to switch from Cable to Air.

Press a Volume button to clear the screen.

Troubleshooting Tips

If the TV channel has a lot of static, press the Channel + and then the Channel -  buttons. You may have turned the TV on before the VCR.

If there is no picture on the TV when you try to play a tape, press the Menu button on the VCR twice.

If there is still no picture, press the "TV/Video" button on your remote. The only time the TV should be set to "Video" is when you are displaying your computer screen on the TV screen.

If your VCR will not respond to the remote, make sure the "A/B" switch in the lower right hand corner of the remote is set to "A." This switch should never be in the "B" position.

All the VCRs are set to output a signal to channel 4. There is a switch on the back of the VCR for channel 3 or 4. Make sure this is still on 4.

Tracking" should be automatic. (If for some reason you want to manually adjust the tracking, press the VCR's CH/SET + and CH/SET - simultaneously to cancel auto-tracking, then press either the "+" or "-" button to adjust the tracking. To resume auto-tracking, press "+" and "-" simultaneously again.)

Advanced Features

Display the Computer Screen on the TV. You must have a TV converter box hooked up between the computer and the TV. On the TV repeatedly press the Menu button until you select TV/Video. Press the channel + button to switch from TV to Video. Press a volume button to clear the menu from the screen.

Scanning. To scan forward or backward, press FF or REW while the video is playing. To resume playing, press Play.

Still Images. These VCRs will usually produce a nice still image. While playing, press Pause to freeze the picture, then press Shuttle+ or Shuttle- to move one frame at a time in either direction. To resume playing, press Play. Overuse of this feature can damage a tape. Use this sparingly.

Time Code. An elapsed play time is displayed on the VCR during playback. To reset this timer to 00:00:00, press the Ch Reset/Ch Skip button on your remote. If you then press the Ch.Memory button, the VCR will now stop at this point on the tape during fast forwarding and rewinding. (This function is useful if you want to rewind to the same point on a tape repeatedly!)

Swivel the TV. The ceiling-mounted TVs are designed to swivel, so turn them as needed to eliminate glare and accommodate the audience.

Closed Captioning. Many programs (but not all) include a closed-captioning feature. You can access this feature by repeatedly pressing the TV's Menu button until you highlight CLOSED CAPTION.

Closed captioning can be responsible for a large dark square in the center of the screen. Make sure the background is set to Clear, not Black.

MVRHS 05/09/1999