The Classroom Intercom System

That thing on your wall isn't a telephone... it's part of our school intercom system!

Here's how it works:

To call a designated room, dial the room number plus zero. (For instance to call Room C307, press 3-0-7-0 on the classroom phone.) In an emergency you may call the front office by dialing 601.

These phones don't ring, so don't expect someone to say "Hello?" on the other end. When you dial a room number, both you and the room you dialed will hear a "bing-bong" sound. You will then hear (and be heard by) whoever is in the room that you dialed. Go ahead and talk. If you want to speak to someone privately, ask them to pick up their handset.

You cannot call out of the building using the classroom intercom phone, nor can you access your voice mail. Use a regular phone for these tasks.

The classroom intercom phones are not for student use.

Please note that some of the numbers have changed since last year. If you have a set of instructions posted near your phone, the number for the central office may be incorrect.


Intercom Phone

This phone is used to contact specific rooms in the school only.

To call these rooms,

dial the room number plus zero.

(i.e., to call room 307, dial 3-0-7-0.)


Available numbers:

Central Office: 601

Talon's Desk: 602

Guidance: 1030

Nurse: 1080

SPED: 4013


Not for student use!