Key Caps on the Mac


If you want to insert some symbols and diacriticals, use Key Caps


Here are some symbols using the Option Key

£ ¢ ® © µ < > ÷ å ß ¬ æ ø&laqno;

The Control Key symbols include the open apple and loop that are the symbols for the command key.


On the Apple Menu go down to Key Caps. A window will open on your screen that looks like this.


Under the Key Caps Menu choose the font Chicago. (Not all fonts support special characters.)

Hold down the Option Key on your keyboard to see what characters are available. Typing an Option Key/character combination will insert the special character into the white box near the top of the screen. This character (or these characters, if you do several) can be cut and pasted into your document.

Holding down the Control Key will give you some more character choices.

You can also type the characters directly into your document if you can remember the appropriate combination of keys.