Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows Keyboard


Some Windows keyboards have additional keys on the same row as the space bar.

There are two 'windows' keys to the left and right of the space bar and an 'application' key to the right of the rightmost windows key.

Used in combination with another key, you can perform some common tasks with a keyboard shortcut.


Windows Key


Windows Key + E

Open Windows Explorer (note this is not Internet Explorer)


Windows Key + R



Windows Key + Tab

Tab through all applications on the Taskbar


Windows Key + F

Find Files or Folders


Windows Key + M

Minimize all open Windows


Windows Key + <Shift> + M

Maximize all Windows (Undo minimize)


Windows Key (all by itself)

Open the Start Menu


Windows Key + F1

Start Help


Application Key


Some programs will use this key for application menus. It is equivilent to right clicking.