On the Mac computers you have the ability to create a PDF document from almost any file on your computer. It is as easy as printing and when you are done you have a file you can share with others, like students on Edline.

1. To get started, open a document you want to convert into a PDF (ie. a Word or Appleworks file).
2. Go to the File menu - Print. On the bottom left of the window you will see PDF -Click on it and it will give you a list of choices.
3. Most of the time you will select Save as PDF (you can use the other features if you are sending it via email, etc) - the next window will ask you where you want to save it. Take note of where you save it so you can retrieve it later.
4. In the Save window you have a Security Options tab. You can choose to password protect you PDF file. This is useful if you have sensitive information in the file and you plan on emailing it. You may also want to post a file and not give access to it until you have given the students the password.
5. Now your document has been converted from its original format to a PDF (you can do this with any program that has a Print command)

There are some real advantages to doing this: 1. PDF files are universal being accessible with free software. Most people are already set up to access them on their computer (unlike a Word file or Appleworks); 2.It can save you trips to the copy center by creating them right from your computer; and 3. Unlike the copy center ecopy "snapshot" of your page, the Mac PDF file has many more features because the PDF can recognize the words in the file giving you the ability to select, search and copy - ecopy will not allow you to do this.

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