Archiving Email


Here is a great feature for people who want to "archive" messages from their mailbox. Once archived you have a record of your messages which can act as a backup or storage so that you can delete messages in your mailbox

This process will take the body of the message as well as the sender, recipient and other info and put all of the selected messages into a Text format which can be saved as a word processing document. It will not save Attachments, so be sure to download the Attachment to your computer before deleting the message (How to save the attachment)

How to archive messages

1. Select the messages that you want to archive. You can select muliple contiguous messages by clicking the first message and the holding down the shift key and clicking the last message in the list - All of the messages in between will also be selected.

Or Control click on a PC, Command click on a Mac to select non-contiguous messages.

An added trick is to Click/Shift Click to select a large block of messages and then use Control (or Command) Click to de-select certain messages.

2. Go to the Message Menu and select the "Summarize Selected"

3. The process of putting all of the messages into one text file will begin.

4. When the process is completed, Save the document on your computer (go to File and Save AS )

[There seems to be a bug with the 10.2 version where Save is not available. Select All the text and then Copy it. You can then Paste it into a word processing document.]

5. You can open the document in any word processor - Once you are confident that you have saved the messages that you want in this format, you can delete the messages from your mailbox.

Try it out on a single message...



Added tip: When selecting messages you can click on the header bar just above the list of messages. If you click on Name, the list will be sorted alphabetically by name. Click again on Name and the list is sorted in reverse order. Click on Last Modified and the list will be sorted by date. Click again and the dates will be sorted in reverse order.