This tip is how to put a signature on the bottom of your email (you determine what you want and type it in once - it will put it on the bottom of all your emails) - A signature could be your contact information, a disclaimer about information in the email, etc.

To setup the signature, do the following (the first part should be familiar)

1. Log in to First Class and go into the Preferences - On the Mac go to the Menu item that says First Class - Preferences - On the PC go to the Edit Menu- Preferences
2. Go to the Messaging Tab and select Initial Content
3. In the box "Signature text" box type in the message you would like to appear on the bottom of your emails (unfortunately I have not found a way to edit the font, size or color of the text - if you do find it let me know)
4. Above the box is the "automatically add signature to new messages" box - If you check this your signature will be added to the bottom of every message that you create - If you would like to choose which emails you want to attach the signature to, do not check the box, and instead use the menu command - Edit-Insert-Insert Signature to add it to your selected emails - You can also use the keyboard shortcut -Shift - Command - S.
5. Be sure to hit apply or OK when you are finished entering your info. Create a new email to test it out..

Added Bonus - When you reply to an email message, do you wish the text you type started at the top of the message, not the bottom - On the same page as the settings for Signature you can also select where to start adding text when you reply to an email. Under "Cursor placement in reply" select "Before Quote" and your text will appear at the top of your reply.