Jim Powell for initiating the trip.

Cindy West for organizing and leading the trip.

Chaperones: Matt Montanile, Richard & Suzanne Hammond

Our excellent week-long tour guide Macarena

The daily local guides in Toledo, Segovia & Escorial, at the Prado & Royal Palace in Madrid and in Barcelona.

The Students for being almost always on time, staying together, paying attention, having a good time, supporting each other and just generally being a wonderful bunch of kids.

The Parents for giving your kids the opportunity to have their world expanded dramatically. They'll return tired but immeasurably wiser. They will also return with stuffed suitcases and their portion of the estimated 25,000 photographs we took.

The Spanish Government would like to thank the parents of the students of Martha's Vineyard for their contribution to the economic revitalization of the Spanish economy.