Upon his separation from the military Joe Healy returned to Massachusetts. He married Ann Finn about whom he had asked in several letters home.

Joe and Ann with his sister Ginny and her husband Rod Smith. Photos taken at Scituate in the back yard facing Paul Mitchell's house. Note the edge of the old garage.

Joe (on the right) with his ever present pipe

Dahlonega Ga


Dear Rich (Richard St. Onge? since it mentions "your Uncle Joe" -Ed)

I was talking yesterday to an old friend from the Antarctic who is now a doctor "Radiologist" He and I and your Uncle Joe were the best of friends. He was in 1939 -41 a member of the West Base Camp. He was also a dog driver. I told him Joe passed away and also told him of his diary. Dr. Richardson is not enjoying good health. He was the youngest member of the Expedition 20 years old. He became a doctor and served in the Navy on Operation Deep Freeze and also in Greenland before leaving the Navy and establishing a private practice

I was wondering, could you send him Joe's Diary to read he would really enjoy it. as I said he is not enjoying good health - his son is also a doctor - me Joe and Jack were the best of friends except he did not drink - so there you are. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

Say Hello to Helen, Ann and of course your mother.


Dr. H. H. Richardson

1530 River Road

Beaver Pa


Tony was Anthony Morency, a tank and tractor driver.

ZIP Codes began on July 1, 1963, so this note is later than that.

Ann at Glades with a puppy that looks like one of Rinsky's offspring.

His sister Judie St. Onge with an older dog that looks like one of Rinsky's offspring.

Greg St. Onge with his Uncle Joe, Thanksgiving 1957

Joe spent the remainder of his life working as a poultry farmer. At age 59, he died suddenly on July 1, 1971, from a heart attack. He was survived by his widow, Ann Healy.

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