Make a GradeQuick Seating Chart

Use it for Attendance

Make a GradeQuick Seating Chart

Open the class you wish to make a seating chart for

Click on Seat, New Seating Chart

Arrange the seats as you wish, either keep the defaults or choose the number of rows and seats per row.

Make the font size a little smaller: Seat, Options, Set Fonts

To add photographs:

Click on Seat, Options, Set Label and click on Picture

Arrange the photographs into the configuration that you want by draging them

Change the size of the pictures: Seat, Option, Set Seat Size. Try 150

Save the file, give it a name that coresponds to your class name

Use it for Attendance

Open the Seating Chart: Seat, Open Seating Chart

Take attendance: Seat, Modes, Edit Today's Attendance

Click on the upper right corner of each picture to set Present, Tardy, etc.

Send it in: Seat, Modes, Send Attendance

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