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Search Engines

Search Engines There are other good search engines besides Google. Here are some of the better ones with a brief description of their features, tips, deep search engines and a link to a site with 2500 search engines. Try a search engine with a different look.

Other Reference Sources including Research Help

A large list of some of the best sites for useful reference material.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly literature. Google says, "From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, pre-print repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations."

Subscription Services

. Gale Databases 50 wide ranging databases, includes history, health, culinary, science, business, biography and literary databases. For focused academic research this is the place to start. Search engines do not generally have access into a database. This is a huge and hidden part of the internet. This is a subscription site available in school.

Encyclopedia Britannica All levels Britannica Online School Edition has separate elementary, middle and high school levels, and includes a world atlas, timelines, country comparisons, and many other features.

Subscription databases are generally available only in the MVRHS, however some allow Home Access to public library patrons in Massachusetts.
Enter MA Library Card:
Enter your Massachusetts library card number for out-of-school access to books, newspapers and magazine articles.

These are a huge collection of reference materials which are otherwise difficult to find. Search the archives of the Boston Globe, New York Times, many magazines, scientific journals and much, much more.

Newspapers and Magazines

Online links to local papers, important national papers, current news searchers, lists of newspapers world wide and magazine databases. The Cape Cod Times has gone to a paid subscription model, however you can get all but the last five days here.

Educational and Teaching Resources

Some of the best educational oriented sites on the web. If you want to know anything about education, teaching resources or curriculum it's probably in one of the sites listed here.  

Video Resources, Local Cable Channels, and Cable in the Classroom

travel back to the days before everything was on the internet or your phone...

How To...

Can't make your TV work? Want some Google Docs, Firefox, OpenOffice or First Class email tips? It's here and more.  

Viruses, Hoaxes, Scams and Urban Legends

Is it real or is it a hoax? Some sites to keep you from looking foolish.

Privacy and Security

Here are some steps you can take to increase your privacy settings, set and manage your passwords and improve your computers security.

Other Libraries

On and off the Vineyard

Consumer Information

Buying stuff smartly

Just For Fun

Interesting sites on the lighter side

Best Search Engines | Other Reference Sources | Subscription Services |Educational and Teaching Resources | Video Resources | How To... | Viruses | Privacy & Security | Just For Fun | Consumer Information

updated 8/30/2013