Using the DVD Player


DVD turn power on

TV turn power on


DVD Insert Disk (press open/close button)

To remove the DVD disk from its jewel case press the plastic tabs holding the center of the DVD disk


Press open/close button to close the DVD drawer

The program should start, if not press play on the DVD player


This unit will play VCRs, DVDs and CDs

Basic Recording

Insert a tape and press VCR/DVD until the VCR indicator lights up

Choose a channell with CH +/-

Choose speed with SP/EP (SP is better quality, EP will record 4 hours on a standard tape)

Press and hold REC, Press PLAY

One Touch Recording

On the unit (not the remote), press REC for a 30 minute recording.

Press REC repetedly for additional 30 minute segments

Timer Recording

Press VCR/DVD until the VCR indicator lights up

Press PROG (center left side of remote)

Press START +/- to enter the start time. Holding START changes the time in 30 minute increments, repeatedly pressing START moves in 1 minute increments.

Press STOP to enter the stop time.

Press DATE to enter the recoring date.

Press CH +/- to enter the channel.

Press SP/EP to enter the speed.

Press PROG (or ENTER) to return to the normal screen.

Repeat above steps to additional recordings.


Press TIMER. The unit turns off and a timer icon appears.

Panasonic Combo VCR & DVD

Special Instructions for the "Triple Play" Panasonic TV VCR DVD combo player

Play doesn't work the first time you load a DVD.

Press the SET button on the remote control. The SET button is the next to last button on the next to last row on the remote.


Without a remote control

Press and hold next button to fast forward

Press and release next button to change chapters

Press and hold previous button to rewind

Press and release previous button to change chapters backwards



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