Using the Overhead Projector for Video

in the Library Conference Room

including DVD, VCR, TV and computer video



Turn the projector on

Use the remote control to turn the projector on. Press the Power button on the remote. The green light on the projector will start to blink. If there is no green light turn the projectoor power switch ON. The power switch is on the projector on the hallway side.

You must be almost directly in front of the projector for the remote to work.

Pick the video source for the projector

Turn on either the computer or the TV/VCR/DVD deck.

Press the computer button on the remote for computer input.

Press the video button TWICE to switch to the TV/VCR/DVD input.

Remember to stand in front of the projector to operate the remote.

The VCR/DVD must be ON for the TV to work. Change channels on the VCR unit, the remote's channel selector does not work.

At the end of your presentation

Turn the projector off. Press Power TWICE.

The bulb costs $350.00 to replace !


If you need help operating the DVD player see the DVD HOW TO