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Privacy Settings Increase your level of privacy and block advertizers targeting ads at you. (May also speed up your browsing eperience.) MV

Teaching and Presentations

How to write a Syllabus, a PowerPoint presentation courtesy of Dr. Nixon. SS

Video How Tos are now available for teachers. These include instructions on using the Student Drop Box, the Copy Center Scanner and several on Grade Quick. Here is a video about how to get How to Get Videos. HS

Whiteboard Resources HS

Keyspan Presentation Remote HS

Student Drop Box Instructions HS

Google Docs

The Google Apps Learning Center offers you tutorials, user guides, tips and tricks for these amazing applications.

Google's Tech Tip Tuesday offers tips on many of Google's products; Docs, Gmail, Picasa, Earth, teaching tips, intro and ideas for using Google Docs.

Useful Tips for Collaborative Writing with Google Docs and Google Sites is post containing useful tips on collaborative writing.

Getting Started with Google Docs in the Classroom offers an overview but more importantly lists "lessons learned"

Google Calendar

A good Overview of what Google Calendar is and what it does

A Google Calendar tutorial in three parts: part one, part two, part three

Google Calendar How to send scheduled events to your Google Calendar and then have it send reminders to your phone or an email account

Computers, general

Dragon Dictate Saving files in Dragon Dictate HS

Firefox is a better browser than Internet Explorer. Learn how to start configuring it to enhance your web searching. Class Notes.

Organize, Move and Delete Files Want to clean up and organize your files?

Option Key on the Mac, explains some added functionality provided by using this key.

Save As on a Mac Describes the "Save As" option on the file menu and gives some examples of when you would use it.

Saving Screen Shots Get some screen graphics into your word processing documents.

Windows Keyboard Some keyboard shortcuts using the 'new' keys on a PC keyboard.

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Getting Tech Help

Printer Fixes If you're having problems with the printer not printing your document, try this. HS

Safari keeps asking for a password. HS


Computers, word processing

Select, Copy & Paste If you don't know about this yet, read this page. Cut, Copy and Paste are the biggest time savers you will ever learn on a computer.

Key Caps Entering unusual characters in the Mac environment including the copyright sign, the cent sign and foreign language accent marks.

Convert WPS or WordPerfect files to Word format (*.doc)

Inserting Spanish and Portuguese accent marks

Converting a PDF file. Adobe instructions here, but it's much easier to do it at the Copy Center. HS

Creating a PDF file on the Mac. It is as easy as printing.

Adobe Acrobat opens PDF files slowly. Preview on the Mac is a much better program. Watch this video to see how to make your computer always open PDFs in Preview


Introduction for Teachers to Edline, the High School's web portal for students, parents and teachers.

Forgotten Passwords


Fix First Class after a power blip. How to restore your server settings.

Visual First Class Tips Screen shots of some simple changes you can make in First Class to tweak your settings. From Woody's class in February 2008, in case you missed it.

Putting you email address on your web site If you put your email address on your school web page it will likely be harvested and you will start to get lots of junk mail. To avoid this put your address in as a picture. HS

Characters in First Class email are jumbled together. Here is a fix. HS

Here is a tutorial from the eCopy site on Scan and Mail

Checking Email by the Internet provides instructions for checking your email account when you are not in school via the internet. You go to the appropriate web site. SS

Checking Email Remotely provides instructions for downloading and installing the client software to your home computer. You use software (client software) that you install on your computer. This software allows you to view and send email from home. If you regularly check your school mail from home, this is the preferred method. SS

Using First Class, the basics of email. SS

Creating a Personal Mailing List in First Class lets you send mail to a group of people of your own choosing. SS

Opening Email Attachments in First Class when you are using a Mac SS

Archiving Messages How to save your messages as a text file and clean up your crowded mail box SS

Auto Reply when you are away SS

Adding a Signature SS

Send a message from your email to someones phone number

Grade Quick

GradeQuick Video How Tos are now available for teachers.

Introduction to GradeQuick in Edline GradeQuick is now within Edline. HS

Grade Quick checklist for end of term issues, includes the term dates HS

Interim Progress Reports Deleting old notes, entering new notes HS

Portuguese Translations for common phrases for GradeQuick Interim Progress Reports

Tips for more efficient use of your GradeQuick Files HS

Seating Chart Make a seating chart with photographs and use it to take attendance HS

Zapping Interim Notes Delete last term's notes. Applicable to terms 2, 3 & 4 for full year courses and terms 2 & 4 for semester courses. HS

Exporting term grades



Using Intercom Phones How to use the intercom phones (as opposed to the regular phones) in some rooms. HS

Adding the Area Code With 10 digit dialing you must dial the area code even for local calls. These instructions will help you add the area code to your dialing string. Windows only


TV, VCR, and Video

Basic TV / VCR Instructions Basic Operations, Tips and some Troubleshooting Help. HS

How to Record This assumes you can find your remote control. HS

How to use videotapes in the classroom Viewing Tips for using taped material effectively

Using a Quasar remote with a JVC TV Includes TV brand codes for Universal remote controls. HS

Martha's Vineyard Cable Channel List Useful to print out as a reference MV

Using the AVerKey TV Converter HS

Using the DVD Player HS

Using Video via the Overhead Projector in the Library Conference Room HS

Anchor Voyager Portable Sound System usage instructions 

Library Issues.

Basic Library World Functions HS

Reindexing corrupted records in Library World HS

Printing an overdue notice. HS

Clearing Erroneous Checked Out Items HS

Importing New Students into Library World HS

Library World Global Delete HS

Printing 3 part labels HS



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